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We offer tailor-made recipes of cream cheese, dairy spreads, processed cheese and cheese products for our customers. These recipes are developed to meet your needs in terms of taste, texture, colour and cost. Our deep knowledge of the different types of packaging for your product combined with our machinery and a network of design agencies and packaging suppliers enables us to offer you a full service project management.

Due to a variety of production lines and equipment, we can produce a large variety of packaging and look forward to discuss with you what type of packaging you require.

Way of working

Good project management is essential for a successful introduction of your branded dairy product. When a customer approaches us to produce a product for them, we set up a multi-disciplinary project team. A project plan is prepared where timings and goals are set.

Decisions need to be taken on topics such as recipe, ingredients, suppliers, content, price-setting, packaging, artwork, stock and date of introduction. On weekly basis we monitor the progress and adjust where necessary and the customer is kept aligned on the progress of the different topics.

Projects are always different. Sometimes, it involves the development of the recipe of only one branded product in a standard cup, but we have also turned projects into a success where a tenfold of products needed to be introduced, which included a new type of packaging which involved an investment in production lines. Together we can do it!


An example of a successful project is the request of Westland, owner of the iconic cheese brand Old Amsterdam. Old Amsterdam is a characteristic cheese with a rich and intense authentic flavour, at that time only present as a hard cheese or sliced versions of this hard cheese. In order to broaden the product range and offer the consumer a new application of Old Amsterdam, a cream version was developed, which could be used as a dip for snacking or to spread on toast.

Together we created a very smooth cream with the intense authentic flavour, and packaged in a stylish cup, segmented as a premium brand. Sales of this new product exceeded all expectations.

Employee speaks...

'Our company is often approached by customers to develop and manufacture a product that meets their criteria. As a Project Manager, I like these type of projects since there are many things one has to take into account. Discussing all aspects and then achieving the desired results for our customers appeals to me. When visiting the factory on a regular day and see one of the products in production, it makes me very proud that this product is successful.'

Bernarda van der Vliet – Project Manager


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