Our offer: processed cheese

Processed cheese is much more than just cheese spread. Kasi Food produces cheese products with the desired taste, texture and appearance for a variety of applications such as soufflés, meat, bakery, soups and sauces, finger food and ready meals.

Based on your product requirements, such as taste, composition, meltability, appearance, texture, bake stability combined with your process capabilities we will supply you with the best suitable product.

We offer these products in retail, food service or industrial packaging formats like cups, buckets, bags, 15 kg blocks or bars.

Our offer: pasteurised cheese

Our pasteurised cheese is natural cheese separated from packaging material and cheese rinds which are then followed by pasteurisation to give the cheese a new life. Kasi Food produces cheese blocks with a dry matter content according to your requirements, without the use of emulsifying salts or other additives.

This cheese can be used again for cheese snacks or pizzas and can be chunked, grated or sliced.

Our offer: Enzyme Modified Dairy/Cheese

If you would like to improve the taste of your product you can use our Enzyme Modified Dairy (EMD) products. Enzyme Modified Cheese, Butter and Cream are natural aromas. By adding ageing enzymes to the raw material we concentrate the taste component of the cheese, butter or cream.

We can offer dairy flavours (the EMD’s) as an ingredient for your product. Our range varies from Cheddar, Gouda, hard cheese type Parmesan, Emmental, blue, Maasdam, hard cheese and cream cheese to butter and cream. The dairy flavours come in pastes and powders and vary in intensity of the flavour from mild/sweet tones to more sharp/aged tones.

Our natural dairy flavours enhance the taste in the following applications:

  • Processed cheese
  • Cheese analogue
  • Sauces, soups & dips
  • Dressings
  • Baking and confectionary
  • Ice cream

We can offer standard recipes, but also tailor-made recipes, specific mixtures with natural flavouring or other raw materials. Our product developers and flavourists offer all the advice and machines you need for your final product or to start a complete new production line. 

Kasi Food distributes directly in Europe. To cover the rest of the world we partnered with IBT-InterBioTech AG / Kerisom Enterprises Limited (see Contact).

Way of working

For new and existing customers we continuously develop custom-made cheese and dairy products that meet and exceed our customers’ needs. We are able to accommodate customers in a variety of applications. Our sister companies also produce cream cheese (Lebo) and yoghurt (De Zuivelmakers) for the food processing industry. Due to our experience in the field, we can easily adapt the recipe and take the following parameters into account when developing your product.

Parameters: dry matter, texture, melting properties, fat, heat stability, taste, viscosity, thaw stability, colour.

We believe that only an open and constructive relationship with our customer with clear, commonly agreed objectives and criteria is the most effective way to meet each other’s expectations. It is essential to have a good mutual understanding. Each customer has a different way of processing. We need to fully understand your production process and circumstances.

During the development, we will test the developed ingredient in application, evaluate the above parameters and adjust until you are satisfied.


Cheese is delicious as filling inside products like poultry, pork, filo pastry, vegetables and deep fried snacks. For a manufacturer of cheese soufflés, we developed a liquid cheese filling that is pumped in a Handtmann machine, with which the cheese soufflé is filled.

By working with different compositions of cheese, we managed to produce a cheese substance that has the required melting properties. When the consumer eats the soufflé, the cheese does not flow out and has a smooth texture and mouth feeling. The typical cheese taste and smell remains after frying the soufflé.

Employee speaks...

'Pasteurised cheese blocks are an important part of our assortment. For these customers it is necessary that the product is of constant quality. Every customer has other product demands and quality standards. Cheese blocks that we use to grate have other requirements and characteristics than cheese blocks used for cheese soufflé filling. 

We test each production with different methods that simulate the processes of the customer. It is possible to use organoleptic tests, but also melting tests, grate tests and texture tests. In this process we make strict agreements to be sure we meet our customer expectations.'

– Wim de Grave, Quality Control

Variety in Products

We offer you a large variety of cheese and dairy products.

Knowledge of product attributes

We adjust the parameters of our products according to your requirements.

Tailor-made solution

Bearing all your requirements in mind.

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