Kasi Food produces a wide range of products, presented in the section Solutions. The cheese, spreads, Enzyme Modified Dairy (EMD) and specialities are produced at the main factory of Kasi Food in Lopik. The product categories cream cheese and yoghurt are produced in the factories of our sister companies, Lebo Cheese in Lopik and De Zuivelmakers in Benschop.

The pasteurised cheese blocks are manufactured by melting different cuts and types of cheeses from Holland and other European countries. For this process, we do not use emulsifying salts or phosphates. For the production of cheese spreads we do use emulsifying salts. We can add herbs, spices and natural flavours to produce a pasteurised cheese or cheese spread with a certain taste.

We recently started the production of Enzyme Modified Dairy (EMD). By combining the knowledge of cheese, processing and dairy equipment, we managed to produce a high quality EMD, made from Dutch and other European cheese and natural dairy enzymes.

For producing cream cheese and yoghurt we use fresh Dutch milk produced by our own farmers. They work according to the principles of sustainable farming. At your request we can add other natural ingredients to add a certain taste to the product.


Quality is important to us. This involves quality of product and service. Throughout the years, we have made significant steps to improve our processes. We control our raw materials as they come into our factory and during the process until they are produced and packed as a final product. Batches are analysed conform sample plan on microbiological, organoleptic and chemical aspects. We make use of accredited laboratories.

Kasi Food is accredited BRC A Level and IFS. We are also certified to produce kosher, halal and organic dairy products. We are working on a Social Responsibility Policy in which we incorporate our sustainable dairy. We ensure that our personnel follow relevant education to increase their knowledge on topics such as hygiene, microbiological, HACCP, foreign matters, allergens, and food defence.