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Kasi Food

We can truly offer you top quality tailor made cheese and dairy solutions.


Our recipe?

Knowledge of application
Expertise in processing
Passionate people

Our total service solution

Our goal is to provide cheese and dairy solutions that will allow you to introduce or manufacture a product that meets your demands in terms of appearance, taste and texture. Our core business is the production of a wide variety of cheese and dairy products for the industrial and retail market. Furthermore, we support our clients with new product development, packaging, declaration and legislation.

We have detailed knowledge of the production of processed cheese, flavoured butters, cheese snacks and applications of natural cheese. As we are part of a larger, family owned group of dairy production companies and a supplier of dairy equipment, we have a lot of experience with several products, processes and machinery.

We want to be a dedicated partner for you. This means that our team of experts is ready to discuss your needs, share their knowledge and find solutions that will add value to your business.


Are you interested in developing a new product with cheese, cream cheese, butter, or yoghurt? Or would you like to improve the appearance, taste and texture or full recipe of your products in which dairy is incorporated? For every application, we can produce a tailor-made dairy solution.

We can produce any dairy related product. From a firm block which needs to be sliceable to a liquid sauce which needs to be processed in your production. We welcome you to share your ideas and develop a solution that matches your expectations.



Looking for successful line extensions of your A-brand or private labels? Together we develop recipes and packaging related to the following product groups:

- Cheese spreads- Cheese dips- Cheese sauce- Cream cheese

With different production lines, we can produce your recipe according to your requirements. We look forward to discuss your wishes and create a good solution for you.


Enzyme Modified Cheese/Dairy

If you would like to improve the taste of your product you can use our Enzyme Modified Dairy (EMD) products. Enzyme Modified Cheese, Enzyme Modified Butter and Enzyme Modified Cream are natural ingredients. By adding aging enzymes to the raw material we concentrate the taste component of the cheese. Located in the green heart of world’s dairy capital we have access to the best dairy.

We will provide you with a top-quality product and advise you about the right dosage for your final application and other necessary steps in the production of your recipe. 



We can offer you innovative cheese solutions such as a large variety of flavoured butter but also soft cheeses like camembert or brie filled with creamcheese. A combination of creativity and technology resulted in the development and production of innovative solutions for our customers. 


Technical Support

With the presence of Machinehandel Lekkerkerker in our group of companies, we can give you technical and technological support in the production of your dairy products and analoge cheese in combination with our Enzyme Modified Cheese/Dairy.